Royal Gala

New Zealand
Harvest mid February to late March
Sweet, fragrant, crisp. A crunchy apple. Red striped with creamy yellow background. This is an aromatically – sweet apple. Popular for eating and salads.


New Zealand
Late March, early April
Juicy apple, with crisp flesh and sweet-tangy flavors. Skin color varies from orange to red over a yellow background. The apple is very firm.

Granny Smith

New Zealand
Harvest April and early May
Crisp texture and tangy tart flavor. Bright green skin with white flesh. Used in sauces, cooking and eating.

New Zealand Rose

New Zealand
Harvest April
Developed and bred in New Zealand. A cross between gala and splendor varieties. Sweet flavors with crisp and juicy flesh.

Red Delicious

New Zealand
Harvest mid-March to mid-April
Heart-shaped – oblong apple with deep ruby red striped skin. Sweet flavor and juicy texture. Popular for eating.

Chinese Fuji

Harvest September
Sweet in flavor. A crisp apple with a firm texture renown for its storing qualities. Reddish pink color with stripe. Packed with socks.

Red Star

Harvest August. Ideal shipping period August, September
A juicy, crisp, sweet apple. Slightly sour, aromatic, savory taste characteristics. A 5-point crowned apple with a royal gala appearance but slightly more blushed. Medium sized apple.


Harvest End of July. Ideal shipping period August, September
Juicy, crisp, moderately sweet apple. Grown and sourced in the Yantai City area in Shandong Province.