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T.V Balasubramanian

I have 30 + years of experience worldwide in Fresh Fruit Export Business

Bala (as he is known) has been involved with Fresh Fruit for over three decades. Moving to New Zealand in the early 90’s as a Business Migrant from Dubai with an impressive CV. He spent 7 years as Regional Manager and 4 years as a Manager for New & Developing Markets for ZESPRI™ Kiwifruit spear-heading the first exports into many territories worldwide. He has a proven track record, achieving the 2nd highest market returns for ZESPRI in the Middle East and Indian Ocean regions.

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FFC comprises mostly imports of Ginger from Thailand. Garlic and Ginger from China to New Zealand and Australia.


FFC comprises mostly exports of fresh fruits like Apple, Citrus, Kiwifruit,Garlic, Ginger and many more


If you have never tasted a bad apple, you would not appreciate a good apple.


"Scent And Flavour That Are Redolent of Tropical Fruit" - Everyone knows the Kiwifruit:fuzzy brown skin that hides the bright green luxury of its sweet centre. The Kiwi does have alternatives: the golden kiwi, with its smooth bronze skin, is notably different. Its taste and aroma too, differ, with a scent and flavour that are redolent of tropical fruit, and flesh colours that range from bright yellow to verdant green. Recently even with the red center such as the red apple. The lastest addition to the family is the baby kiwi, or the 'kiwiberry' a small, beautifully formed miniature kiwi with a luscious interior. Today The NZ Fresh Fruits sources kiwifruits from countries as far afeild as Italy, Chile, Greece and France.

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f . a . question

01. How do I become a Receiver ?


Firstly, Quality is our way of Life !

The motto of our business is to supply Quality fruits -  at all times and we expect the Receiver would have the same motto - when on selling into their local market. Standby the quality and respect our Brand under which the fruit is packed !

If this is your first import from our company (FFC NZ) - our terms are simple and straight forward, set out by the Management, having no say in the Terms of Trade.

On receipt of your firm enquiry, we will email you a Proforma Invoice , that details all relevant information along with our Bank Account details, making it easy for you to action the Order.

  • 30% Advance with the order.
  • Balance 70% on scanned copies of our approved (by you) export documents like Bill of Lading, Phytosanitary, Certificate of Origin etc.

Once we establish the business with 2/3 orders, FFC NZ Manager will visit YOU/YOUR OFFICE to put a face to our names and discuss Credit Terms - based through First Class Bank only.

No open Credit Terms will be in place, until we have had couple of years of trading experience between us, which pleasenote !

Lastly and most importantly, if you have never handled fresh produce, I strongly discourage you to venture into this Business. The fresh produce business results are very damaging to you personally accompanied by  loss of money, if you have a zero understanding of the fresh produce Trade and Operations of Cool-Stores that hold the perishables !!

I have learnt that in fresh produce you have only Two results –

Either you Cherish Or Perish !!!


We have established relationship with the Growers, Packhouses in several countries and standby the quality of the produce offered to you.

We currently ship from NZ, Australia and China.

We can source and supply from other places like Chile, South Africa, USA, Italy and Spain.

Kindly browse through the webpage for all the produce currently being handled and exported by FFC NZ.

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With Vast experience in the field of Import and Export Business over the last 30+ years Mr. Bala is all set to deliver the best ideas to set up your Business worldwide.

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